Lotud Language Centre In The Works; Tangau Announces RM250K Grant

Tangau with family of Raymond at Kampung Dungang. The youngster will be going to work in Iraq by end of this month.

TUARAN: Efforts to preserve the Lotud mother tongue received a shot-in-the-arm in the form of RM250,000 grant for the setting up of a Lotud Language Centre here.

Wilfred Madius Tangau, the Science, Technology and Innovation minister, in a statement, said the fund was made available after he met with the Prime Minister.

The announcement during the meet-the-people session at the residence of a prominent leader in the Lotud community, Balanting Erom in Kampung Selupu recently was met with thunderous applause.

“I leave it to the president of the two Lotud associations (Freddie Sua of the Persatuan Suang Lotud Sabah and Peter Lintar of the Komulakan Lotud Sabah) on the site for the centre,” he said.

Tangau, right, with Sylvia.

On Friday, Tangau who is Tuaran MP cum acting president of Upko received the working papers on the proposed Lotud Language Centre from Sylvia Pamanday Poit.

Sylvia is a researcher from the Kadazan Language Foundation and she had worked with Tangau before resulting in the publication of the Lotud Dictionary.

The minister commended Sylvia for her untireless effort for the posterity of the Dusun Lotud language.

She handed over the working papers to Tangau in Kampung Dungang here where he was attending a farewell/thanksgiving dinner for Raymond Julius Onik, a young Lotud engineer who had been posted by his employer, Petronas at its installations in Iraq.

“Petronas has always been associated with excellence. It is the only Malaysian company that is in the Fortune 500.

“Therefore, we know that Raymond is an excellent professional and we are proud that a young lad from Tuaran and from the Lotud community at that is playing an important role.

“We pray he will be able to carry out his duties efficiently and safely,” said Tangau.