Looks Like BN Has Given Up On Winning Peoples’ “Hearts And Minds” 

Yong Teck Lee
Yong Teck Lee

LETTER: Hiew King Cheu is trying to defend the indefensible proposed changes of electoral boundaries, especially between Kapayan and Luyang state constituencies.

Hiew’s excuse on behalf of the Election Commission that the transfer of 3,641 voters at Lido from Kapayan to Luyang so that there will be a balance of voters between the new Kapayan (23,773 voters) and the new Luyang (23,992) is nonsense.

If there is a need to balance voters, then the balance could be achieved by increasing the voters in Likas which has only 15,008 voters and Api Api (only 14,451). Since Lido will be taken out of Kapayan, the increase of 3,641 voters in the Kota Kinabalu parliamentary area could be shared out with Likas and Api Api such that each of the three state constituencies will have about 18,000 voters.

But this is not favoured by the BN because it would turn Api Api back into a BN black area.

Before the last elections, in a desperate, but futile, attempt to save himself, a then BN Assemblyman had transferred three thousand UMNO voters from Tanjong Aru and Sepanggar to his constituency turning it into a mixed-seat.

Let’s call a spade a spade. The transfer of 3,641 voters from Kapayan to Luyang aims to reduce the number BN black areas, by making Kapayan winnable for BN and sacrificing Luyang to the opposition. The plan by BN to sacrifice Luyang shows that the BN has no intention to win back the hearts and minds of the people.

Indeed, the electoral boundaries review in the whole country shows that the BN government has given up hope of winning the popular vote.

It looks like BN will now settle for a simple majority of seats at parliament and state by gerrymandering of electoral constituencies, and by whatever means, to retain political power without the need for popular support.

It does not take a genius to figure out why out of the 13 new state seats, 7 are UMNO-dominant, 3 are mixed with UMNO as the biggest block and 3 are rural KDM seats.

Hiew King Cheu, should use his enormous experience as ex-Sabah DAP leader, ex-MP and now a MCA Assemblyman to talk some sense with the Election Commission.

Datuk Yong Teck Lee
SAPP President

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