Little-Known MUPP Has Candidates For GE14 In Already Crowded Field


KOTA KINABALU: The Malaysia United People Party (MUPP) has identified a good number of seats as well as likely candidates for the coming 14th general election.

The Sabah-based MUPP, which is also known by its Bahasa Malaysia acronym BERSAMA which stands for Parti Bersatu Sasa Malaysia also claims to have carried out various programmes quietly especially in the State.

“Our teams and probable candidates are in many parts of Sabah, including in the east coast, west coast and the interior, reaching out to many opinion leaders in communities, said Phillip Among, who signed a statement as acting president of MUPP.


“The people are tired of 30-over years of constant failures and broken promises, mostly by the same leaders or their proxies, and the people are longing for a new breed of leaders to represent them in the legislative assembly and parliament,” the statement added.

“We are filling up this need and we are ready to work with willing parties here in Sabah as well as in Sarawak and the peninsula.”

Among said the party’s main wing, the 3B, which stands for Bersama Bebas Bersatu led by Anthony Mandiau is leading the group comprising people who are ‘bright and brave men and women’ who believe the current leaders have miserably failed or simply under-performed as lawmakers.

He added MUPP’s doors are still open to all leaders, young and old, who are willing to embrace the party’s ideologies.

However, he stressed that extremists have no place in MUPP.