List Of China Tourists And Crew Of Catamaran


The full list of China tourists who were on the ill-fated catamaran. Out of respect for the families of the dead and missing, we have not singled them out.

1. CHEN XIN JIAN E40338504
2. HE HAI MIN E24652277
3. HE ZI HAO E84143212
4. GUO SHUN KE G89157942
5. HE RUN YUAN E29652278
6. YAN YAN XIN G41104029 (M/50 tahun)
7. TAN LI XIA G41104036 (F)
8. YAN SI YI E53315155 (F/17 Tahun)
9. SHENG JIANG JIANG G34343168 (M/50 tahun)
10. SHEN HOA TIAN E18041998 (M/17 tahun)
11. CHEN XI E18035958 (M/11 Tahun)
12. XIE LUO E18037279 (M/49 Tahun)
13. CAO DONG YUE E58009354
14. DONG MEI E02334600 (F)
15. WEI YIN G52586010
16. ZHANG XIOA KUN E2522651
17. LI QUN
18. Not Available
19. Not Available
20. YANG YAO RU E51889886 (F/24)
21. WANG XIAN ZHANG E51889886 (F/48)
23. Not Available
24. LIU HONG YUAN E68243828 (M/51 Tahun)
25. ZENG CUI YUAN E68243829 (F/55 Tahun)
26. LIU JIN CAN E33509666 (M/31 Tahun)
27. LIU JUAN G61283883 (F/32 Tahun)
28. LIU FEI TONG G41767262 (M/32 Tahun)

Boat Crew
1. Sharizal Bin Salian (M/910705-12-5421) (skipper)
2. AMAN bin ABDUL (M/38 IMM13) (crew)
3. Not Available (crew)