Let Voters Decide Who They Want, Says NGO

KOTA KINABALU: A government must be the rakyat’s choice and not a numbers game played out by certain politicians.

Otherwise the reasons for a democratic election will have no meaning, said a local community leader today.

“Amidst all the confusion and claims of having ‘enough support’, it is best to return the mandate to the people to decide who they want to represent them,” said Sandakan Indian Association president Taren Sunil Manoharan.

“As a non-political NGO we do not take sides but as citizens we are saying that it is best to give the decision back to the people and let them choose the representatives they want.”

Taren said the economy would be stifled if there were no political stability.

“We need to put all these political uncertainties behind us and get the economy going again,” he said.

“Let Sabah voters once and for all decide who they want through an election and then we can move forward with getting the country’s economy back on track.”

In another development he hoped the Sabah Indian community would be given a nominated seat in the state assembly by the incoming state government.

“Indians in Sabah are a small minority but we have been here as far as anyone can remember. We were an integral part of the Sabah populace even before the formation of Malaysia,” said Taren.

He added that Indians had played a significant role in the public as well as private sectors in Sabah.

“We ask and hope to be given a voice in the state assembly,” he said.

“I am confident that Malaysian Indians can contribute towards bringing progress to the state and play a role in looking after the interests of everyone irrespective of race and religion,” he added.