Let “9 Problematic Cops” Be Sabahans Last Straw – Warisan


KOTA KINABALU : Parti Warisan has urged Sabahans to treat the recent transfer of 9 problematic policemen to Sabah and Sarawak as the last straw in unfair treatment from the federal government.

In a statement released on Friday, Samuel Wong who is Warisan Luyang Chinese Coordinator said that the repetitive abuse by the Federal Government must be put to an end immediately.

“Tolerate no more. How long more do Sabahans have to put up with the repetitive mistreatment and abuse by KL?”

“Just to name a few, the provisions in the Malaysian Agreement 1963 have not been restored, rights to oil and gas have not been returned, the RCI’s recommendations on illegal immigrants have been buried, motion to debate issues relating to claims by so-called Sulu heirs was rejected by the Parliament.”

“These are existing long standing issues.”

“To add salt to the wound, just a few months ago, a few Sabahans’ lives were lost because the MERS 999 call centre was placed in KL.”

“Not once, but twice. The issue has been repeating because it is still unresolved. In the coming months, will there be more lives lost due to the fact that the MERS 999 call centre is still located in KL?”

“This week, another bombshell was dropped on Sabah when 9 problematic and corrupted policemen were set to be dumped to Sabah and Sarawak.”

“Does the Federal Government view Sabah as a ‘junkyard’ or dumping ground for their problems?”

“Where is the respect for Sabahans?”

Samuel added that the current Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS) state administration should be protecting the lives and interests of Sabahan and GRS as the state government should state its clear stance on abuses by federal government.

“Issue a stern warning to KL that such disrespect will be the last one Sabahans can tolerate.”

“Should similar abuse against Sabahans arise in the future, GRS should immediately withdraw support for the Federal Government. But is GRS brave enough to rebut future abuses by the federal government?”, Samuel asked.