Land Application Numbers Down To A Third

Bernard Liew

TAWAU: Land and survey officers have been making much headway in the processing of land applications in the state.

From a staggering 300,000 applications at one time the Land and Survey Department has now brought the figure down to 90,000.

These land applications are now being processed by the department, said its director Bernard Liew here, adding
there were various kinds of applications including for native title lands.

“There are also overlaps involving multiple applicants in these applications,” he said, when met by Borneo Today.

“The process will surely take time to as the department will need to look carefully into the applications including visiting the locations to establish who are entitled to the lands being applied.”

Earlier, he attended a ceremony where Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal presented 318 native land titles to recipients in Tawau and Kalabakan as well as resettlement lots to fire victims at Kampung Tanjung Batu Otentik.

The state government had previously said it would do away with the communal title system established by the previous administration and pledged to grant individual native titles to rightful and deserving recipients.

Shafie had said this was to fulfill the promise made by Warisan during the last general election.

He said the government was always sensitive towards helping the people through various approaches including the granting of individual land titles.