Lajim Back As Beaufort Harapan Chief; Assemblyman’s Post Still Dicey

Lajim officiating at the opening of the Kampung Bakalu Simpang Empat branch on Sunday night. He was voted back as Beaufort division head earlier in the day.

KOTA KINABALU: Lajim Ukin, the ‘former’ president of Parti Harapan Rakyat Sabah has been reinstated as its Beaufort division chief.

This is seen as the first step towards reassuming the party president’s post, which he was forced to relinquish following his week-long bankruptcy saga a week ago.

The State opposition chief was declared a bankrupt on Sept 14, but the order was annulled a week later.

Beaufort Parti Harapan division members unanimously voted Lajim to be reinstated as their chief at the meeting on Sunday.

The division members also passed a resolution calling for Lajim to be returned as Parti Harapan president.

Speaking to reporters later, Lajim said his deputy would assume the functions of party president for now.

“Some people might be confused but I want to assure them that I am qualified to contest in the next election,” he said, adding that he was putting the bankruptcy issue behind him.

On his status as Klias assemblyman, he said he has written a letter to Syed Abas Syed Ali, the Sabah Speaker, to explain the current situation.

“I’m leaving it to the Speaker and he may make an announcement before or during the upcoming budget sitting,” Lajim added.


Lajim No More President Of Harapan; Klias State Seat In The Balance