Labuan Umno Youth Behaved Like The Red-Shirts In Peninsula – Sabah Bersih

The yellow shirts of the Bersih 5 convoy stay away from the group of red shirts who are said to be Labuan Umno Youth members on Saturday. – Photo credit Bersih Sabah

KOTA KINABALU – Sabah Bersih denied Monday an Umno Youth leader’s claim that the party wing had chased them away from Labuan after a clash last weekend.

Labuan Umno Youth deputy chief Morsidi Juanah had accused the polls reform group of having an illegal gathering and of spreading hate politics.

“This statement is slanderous towards Bersih Sabah and it is not accurate as we were the victims at the receiving end of their roughing us up. They acted in the image of the Red Shirts in Peninsula Malaysia.

“We did not harass anyone in Labuan and we went there to gather support for our cause.

“We did not force anyone to take the flyers we were handing out anytime during our seven week convoy,” said Bersih Sabah steering committee deputy chairman Matthew Yong.

‘We left the island after completing our activity, not because of the red shirts, but because we were chasing time.” – Mathew Yong B5KK steering committee member.

He said Morsidi was making baseless allegations to create the impression that the Umno Youth group, dressed in red, were the “heroes” and Bersih Sabah had bad intentions.

“Morsidi and his gang of Red Shirts had scolded, insulted and provoked our members to a clash. They harassed our members who were in the car and stuck waiting to drive out. They even opened our car doors just because we were taking their photos.

“Not only that, Morsidi and three of his men also circled our chairman, Beverly Joeman, at the ferry ticket counter and questioned her with provocation.

“They also snatched one of our member’s handphone for taking their photo,” said Yong.

Yong, said the group lodged a report to deny that the gathering was illegal or that they were harassing people. He claimed that the police had known of their activity from a notice given to them in advance and that they were only on a “walkabout”.

“The Red Shirts gang was rude to us, but the statement they made is forcing us to make this police report so that an investigation can be made against them and action taken if necessary,” he said.

“In the end we left the island after completing our activity, not because of the red shirts, but because we were chasing time. We are not afraid of their rude behaviour,” he added.

In a report published in The Borneo Post Sunday titled “Bersih convoy ‘chased away’ by Labuan Umno Youth”, Morsidi was quoted as saying that he “took a diplomatic approach” by telling the Bersih group to leave and “stop harassing the people”.

“The people of Labuan do not need such a group here. Our advice to them — do not create havoc, disrupt public order and solidarity in our peaceful island like what happened during the previous Bersih assembly when police officers were injured, shops were smashed,” he was quoted saying.