Labuan UMNO Gears Up For GE15

LABUAN: Labuan Umno has kicked off its divisional meeting to prepare from now for the 15th general election (GE15).

Its divisional secretary Mohd Dzulfaizal Manan said the meeting also involved the party wings of wanita, youth and puteri, and among other important issues focussed on were the need for the updating of membership’s status and identifying Umno’s loyalist.

“The divisional and each wing in Labuan Umno have been urged to prepare from now for the next general election which is to be called soon…possibly after the Proclamation of Emergency or earlier,” he told Bernama today.

He said the Labuan Umno divisional top leadership has ordered all levels including at the branch level to mobilise their election machinery in preparation for the general election.

“The Umno divisional chief Datuk Bashir Alias has issued instructions for the preparation of the election machinery at all levels.

“The updating of membership including their address and identifying Umno loyalist are crucial to ensure the party is on track in the coming election,” he said.

Dzulfaizal said the preparation was prompted by the division’s confidence that Umno’s candidate would be chosen to stand in the election.

He said, GE15 would be much more challenging for Umno which will be leading the Barisan Nasional (BN).

“Wanita Umno must continue their roles as the torch bearer of party’s struggle by becoming the frontline for the voters.

He also wants youth and puteri UMNO to remain as the legacy of party to determine the people’s confidence in it and as a party which the people will always look up to.

Dzulfaizal also wanted the three wings to understand the idealism, struggles and objective of Umno.

“We want youth, wanita and puteri members to be more vocal, courageous and confident, so that the existence of Umno is felt by the people.

“Umno members should understand the message delivered by the voters…that the party should analyse why the young voters should support the party,” he said.