LABUAN: Labuan police has recorded nine cases of violating interstate travel ban since the starts of the full enforcement of the rulings on May 11.

Labuan police chief Supt. Muhammad Farid Ahmad said the cases were involved travellers from the mainland Sabah and Kuala Lumpur who were not furnished with police permit entering Labuan.

He reminded the public is prohibited from travelling interstate, except with police permission.

“This offence is punishable under Act 342 (under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988),” he said to reporters today.

Farid said police personnel with the cooperation with the National Security Council (NCS) to monitor the outflow and inflow of the people via Labuan Ferry Terminal and Labuan Airport to ensure only those travellers with police permit are allowed enter and exit Labuan.

The police launched the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) standard operating procedure (SOP) compliance operation in downtown last night until the wee hour with a number of coffee shop operators and sports bar including customers were given final warning or their premises with face closure.

Farid said the warnings issued were based on their offences of not practising the social distancing in the table and chairs arrangement and this had resulted in customers were seen sitting too close one another.

“We also issued warning to customers in the coffee shops and the sports bar who were seen chilling out having alcoholic drinks with friends too long in the premises, we will continue to conduct such an operation until the CMCO is lifted, if we found them repeating the offence we will issue compound immediately,” he said.

Farid also disclosed a number of quarantine-gazetted hotels in Labuan were checked with several of those who are undergoing 14-day quarantine (issued with ANNEX 14) found to have violated the rulings.

“These people are technical and operation staffs in the oil and gas sectors who have been signed off from their respective duties, but they are required to undergo quarantine in the quarantine-gazetted hotels before they are allowed to return their hometowns in Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak.

“Some found to have violated the quarantine rulings, going out from their rooms like smoking, buying cigarettes and having friends from outside into their hotel lobby and we recorded their particulars and should they found repeat the offence, we will hand over them to Health Department to be slapped with compound,” he said.