Labuan Marine Police Cripple Smuggling Syndicate


LABUAN: Labuan Marine police had crippled a smuggling syndicate and confiscated contraband alcohol worth RM175, 940.00 near Menumbok waters early Saturday morning.

The syndicate used a high-powered boat that was loaded with smuggled goods, according to Sabah Marine Operations Force (MOF) Region 4 deputy commander, Supt Abd Nasir Othman who told the press at the Labuan marine police base at Patau-Patau here, today.

“This is the largest haul for this year. A team of marine policemen in a patrol boat detected the speed boat about 12.30am during the routine operation,” he said.

The speed boat, which was painted with earth colour of light brown was detected off Brunei Bay speeding towards Menumbok jetty.

“Our team tailed the smugglers for 25 minutes but the skipper with his crews managed to escape after they got stranded in shallow waters off Pulau Sarang Tiong, Menumbok,” he said,

Nasir said the boat with engine worth of RM150, 000 had also been seized, making the total seizure to RM325, 940.00.

The seized contraband includes 80 cartoons of Skol, 14 boxes of Carlsberg, six cartoons of Anchor, 150 cartoons of Corprove, 42 cartoons of Max, 14 boxes of Sirene, 24 boxes of Peter Vella and four cartoons of Chang.

He believed the suspects had fled into mangroves bushes nearby in the dark.
He said the case will be investigated under the Customs Act 1967.