Labuan Man Who Ran Amok After Slashing Wife, Son, Dies Later At Night

FLASHBACK: The man armed with a machete had earlier slashed his wife and son stands near his car, threatening to injure anyone who came near him. He died the same night at the Labuan Nucleus Hospital while receiving treatment for various injuries.

LABUAN: A man who ran amok, slashing wife and son with a ‘parang’ Saturday afternoon died later the same night at the Labuan Nucleus Hospital.

The 53-year-old sergeant at the Labuan Correctional Centre (Prison) whose name was undisclosed, collapsed at the hospital emergency ward at about 9.10pm while receiving treatment.

The man become agitated due to jealousy (marital problems) had stabbed his wife in her stomach, shoulders and legs, while his son who had a scuffle with him also sustained hand injuries.

The 45-year-old woman is still traumatised and in a critical condition, while the son, 23, has been discharged, according to a Bernama report.

In the three-hour standoff from 3pm in front of the Labuan Correctional Centre near Taman Mahkota Impian, Jalan Bukit Timbalai here, the man who slashed his neck, after stabbing and slashing his wife and son, had threatened to kill himself several times by putting the machete on his stomach and asked the policemen standby ‘just shoot me’.

Upon being persuaded to surrender by the policemen, he finally agreed to drive his own car to the police station to surrender, which he did at 6pm.

However, the situation returned ‘ominous’ when he escaped to the beach near Universiti Malaysia Sabah Labuan International Campus (UMSKAL).

Labuan Police chief Superintendent Mohamad Farid Ahmad said the man threatened to attack police when he was asked to surrender at the beach there.

“He became aggressive and was reluctant to surrender, and after considering that the area is highly-populated and near the higher learning institution, we fired a shot in the air as a warning.

“Eventually, we only managed to apprehend him after we shot him on his left leg, and subsequently with a teaser gun,” he added.

He was then sent to hospital for treatment and died three hours later.


Labuan Man Slashes Wife, Son; Holds Police At Bay In 3-Hour Standoff