Labuan Man Slashes Wife, Son; Holds Police At Bay In 3-Hour Standoff

The man armed with a machete had earlier slashed his wife and son stands near his car, threatening to injure anyone who came near him.

LABUAN: A man ran amok with a parang and slashed his wife and son here Saturday afternoon before he eventually calmed down and surrendered.

The man, believed to have become agitated over marital problems, ran amok near the Labuan Correctional Centre and kept police at bay for about three hours from 3pm.

The man, who is a Labuan Correctional Centre staff, also injured himself by slashing his neck.

He was also seen arguing with a number of people believed to be his workmates who tried to calm him down.

A Bernama reporter, who was at the scene, witnessed the suspect putting the machete on his stomach and threatening to kill himself.

The injured woman who had wounds on her shoulder was taken out from the nearby bushes to an ambulance and sent to the Labuan Hospital while the boywho sustained minor injuries on his hands was also taken to the same hospital.

A group of policeman from the Bebuloh Police Station and Labuan District Police Station led by Labuan police chief Supt. Mohamad Farid Ahmad and CID chief DSP Boniface Anak Bajai arrived at the scene a short while later and tried to calm him down but he only became more aggressive.

However, he later finally agreed to drive his own car to the police station to surrender which he did at 6pm.

Paramedics from the Labuan Nucleus Hospital and Fire and Rescue Department were also called in to assist.