Labuan DAP Slams PAS Over ‘Oktoberfest’ Threat

Internet photo.

LABUAN: DAP Labuan today slammed PAS for condemning the annual ‘Oktoberfest’ aimed at boosting tourism.

Its secretary Jeremy Wong Kwan Kit said the event should not be condemned or sabotaged as it was not meant for the Muslim community.

“Labuanites have always been proud of their ethnic and religious tolerance despite the racial and religious diversity,” he said in response to Labuan PAS which threatened through a statement in a local daily to boycott the One Stop Duty Free outlet which is organising the event and Palm Beach Resort which is providing the venue.

“It is unfortunate PAS is protesting the coming Oktoberfest organised by private companies, when clearly the festival is targeted only at non-Muslims and tourists,” said Wong who is also a Labuan Corporation Advisory Council member.

He said no right-minded organisations or individuals should cave in to pressure from political parties or bodies with views that aimed to create discord among different races in society.