Labuan Climbers Conquers Annapurna Base Camp In Nepal A Second Time

The team from Malaysia which included Kelly Floreta Mojikon and Akhbar Abdul Malik, both Labuan Corporation Tourism and Culture Department staff conquered the world’s 10th highest peak at 13,500 feet (4,130m) in Nepal on Friday.

LABUAN: One year after setting foot on the summit of Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) located at an altitude of 13,500 feet (4,130m) in Nepal, Labuan’s noted mountain climbing duo have set another feat.

47-year-old Kelly Floreta Mojikon and 35-year-old Akhbar Abdul Malik both Labuan Corporation Tourism and Culture Department staff, conquered the world’s 10th highest peak on Friday.

The duo were among the 20 climbers from Labuan, Sabah (four), Indonesia (one) and Kuala Lumpur (one), who begun their 10-day expedition organised by Labuan Outdoor Movement, Labuan Youth and Sports Department and Labuan Corporation, with Now Explorer (NEX) being the coordinator.

It was during a snowstorm when all of them commenced their challenging journey from Kathmandu to Pohkara (the starting point to the Himalaya trail) on March 25.

“The weather condition was challenging from the early journey, snow was falling at the Himalaya area, adapting to the trek condition was a struggle for us. We had to constantly adjust our breath and to coordinate every part of our body,” Akhbar told local media in a recorded statement via Whatsapp.

“With team work spirit accompanied by eight experienced potters, we were highly alert of the environment around us and made sure that every step was deep into the dirt, solid and strong.

“We are proud of being able to put up the Labuan flag on the summit of ABC today amid challenging weather condition,” he said.

The climbers who will end their expedition next week are scheduled to arrive in Labuan on April 6.


Labuan Climbers, Floreta And Akhbar Reach Annapurna Base Camp In Nepal