Labuan Air Base In State Of Readiness For Any Possibility – Affendi

An RMAF Hawk M40-25 which carries the Lahad Datu mission markings. – Photo credit Malaysian Defence

PETALING JAYA: The military assets located in the Labuan Air Base have always been placed on a high level of preparedness for any possible terrorist threat as had happened in Marawi City, southern Philippines, recently.

Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) chief General Affendi Buang said the RMAF base in Labuan is currently recognised as a forward base as it is close to the east coast of Sabah.

“In the event of any untoward incident near the waters of eastern Sabah, the Labuan RMAF base can move quickly and be ready to respond.


“The area east of Sabah is given priority because of what have been happening now (the threat to national security),” he told a press conference after presenting his message in conjunction with the 59th RMAF Day at the Subang air base here.

He said all the detachments of the RMAF are at the Labuan Air Force Base and they are also used to assist the RMAF aircraft in Tawau and Sandakan.

“At all times the RMAF will bring aircraft from the peninsula to create a detachment and conduct a rotation at the base,” he said.

Affandi also launched the new logo for the administration branch which will be used by all officers and members of the administrative branch effective today.

“The design of this new logo is characterised by modern and futuristic innovations and in line with the logo ‘Air Force Next Generation,” he said.

In addition, the air force also launched the coffee table book ‘Special Forces Airborne’ which is the brainchild of Administration Assistant Chief of Staff Brig Gen Datuk Dr Ismail Manuri.