KPLB Receives List of Covid-19 Aid Assistance


KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah Rural Development Ministry (KPLB) has received the list of names of those categorised as poor and hardcore poor as well as the B40 low-income group in the state who are eligible for assistance from the Sabah Covid-19 Aid Package.

Its minister Datuk Ewon Benedick said, there are 15,747 poor and 22,456 hardcore poor households who will receive a RM500 one-off cash payment, while 41,115 of those in the B40 low-income group will receive RM300.

“We received these lists from the district offices and the ministry will process the warrants of payment.

“After that, we will convey the information to the State Treasury Department who will then deposit the payments into the bank accounts of those listed,” he said after attending a briefing session at his office here, Monday.

He however suggested that payment in cash be made to those who do not have a bank account.

“This means that the district offices will need to look into a mechanism on how the staff can deliver the aid directly to the house.

“I have also been made to understand that the district offices are working together with the Community Development Leader Unit (UPPM) to identify those who have not provided their bank account details,” he said.

“If they do have a bank account, the information will be updated in the system and the aid will be channeled to them via online banking.

“But if they do not have a bank account, we have no choice but to give the payment in cash through the district offices,” he added.

According to Ewon, the ministry has also obtained the lists of the targeted B40 low-income groups from the respective departments and agency.

As of 2pm today, it has received a list of 14,781 farmers from the Agriculture Department, 7,592 fishermen from the Fisheries Department, 516 breeders from the Veterinary Service Department, and 34,439 rubber tappers from the Sabah Rubber Industry Board.

The ministry has also received the list of 1,137 farmers from the Rural Development Cooperative (KPD), 506 oil palm smallholders from Malaysia Palm Oil Board, 2,810 cocoa smallholders from Malaysia Cocoa Board, and 316 mountain guides and porters from Sabah Parks.

On top of that, a total of 14,624 Sabahan workers in the peninsula will also receive a RM300 one-off payment as part of the Sabah Covid-19 Aid Package initiative.

“We received the data from the Sabah State Liaison Office in Kuala Lumpur but we have yet to receive the bank account information of all of the workers,” he explained.