Kota Belud Gets RM77 Mil For Flood Mitigation

KOTA BELUD: The Ministry of Environment and Water (Kasa) has allocated RM77 million for flood mitigation projects in the Kota Belud district, said Minister Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.

Tuan Ibrahim said RM27 million was allocated for the Sungai Gurong-Gurong flood mitigation plan expected to complete in 2022, while RM50 million was allocated for the on-going construction of flood mitigation projects in Sungai Kadamaian, Sungai Tempasuk, Sungai Abai, and Sungai Kawang-Kawang.

He said this when met by reporters during his visit to Kota Belud here today.

Tuan Ibrahim said the flood mitigation projects would reduce the risk of flooding in the district which had been hit by floods 86 times following the 2015 earthquake.

He said the earthquake had caused the change in the terrains especially the river basins that resulted in the occurrence of frequent floods in Kota Belud, noting that KASA will work together with relevant state agencies to find a solution to remove piles of sand blocking the flow of river water. 

In the meantime, Tuan Ibrahim said the ministry would conduct an overall study on river basins in Sabah that would serve as a guideline before any developments can be carried out by the river.