Kiulu Upgrade! Nothing More Than An Election Gimmick By Musa Aman

Musa Aman with recipients of land titles in Kiulu. At this function the chief minister announced that Kiulu will be upgraded to a sub-district.

COMMENT: The announcement by Musa Aman the Chief Minister to upgrade Kiulu into a sub-district is nothing but an election gimmick.

Nevertheless, making Kiulu a sub-district will eventually become a reality when PCS and its partners in the opposition topples the UMNO-led BN Government, since upgrading Kiulu into a sub-district is in our (PCS) agenda in the new government.

The call to make Kiulu a sub-district was made way back in 1976 during a BERJAYA victory celebration held at the old Kiulu tamu ground after the party toppled the USNO-led coalition.

The late KK Kutup Rampasan in his speech called for the upgrading of Kiulu into a sub-district. The state government changed hands from Berjaya to PBS (1985-1994) but nothing happened and now finally the UMNO-dominated BN government announced the upgrading of Kiulu.


We reckon this was only so after we included this issue in our main agenda to be included in our election manifesto. Ironically this is done after more than 40 years when it was first requested by Kiulu, and for Musa Aman to finally come to Kiulu after 17 years in office.

BN indeed is desperate to retain Kiulu. They know they have failed the Kiulu people these last twenty odd years. Making Kiulu a sub-district or even a full-fledged district has always been the heartbeat of the Kiulu people.

For UMNO and perhaps for Musa Aman and especially for Hajiji Noor, the Sulaman YB and Local Housing and Government Minister to finally agree for Kiulu to be upgraded as a sub-district must have made them realised that this was their only carrot to dangle to the Kiulu people in order for BN to retain Kiulu in the coming GE14.

As for the presentation of Land Titles to the applicants, there’s nothing to shout about it on this. The Chief Minister and whoever those top BN and UMNO leaders with him during the presentation should have realised and felt ashamed of themselves as those land title were issued after more than 43 years when it was first applied.

Some of those land applicants are too old to come to see Musa Aman to receive their land titles. For a good governance, under normal circumstances, even five years would have been considered too long a period for a land application to be approved and issued with land titles let alone more than forty years.

There’s really something wrong in the Land and Survey Department somewhere and that the department need to be revamped. This can only be done by going for total regime change.

The Kiulu folks should not be too worried about casting their votes to PCS candidate in the coming election as up-grading Kiulu into a sub-district is in our agenda and even more than that, we will ensure that every villages spanning on both side of the Tuaran and Kimaulau from Tamparuli and upward will be connected by a road network.

We will also pursue the proposal submitted to the Federal government by Wilfred Bumburing during his tenure as Tuaran MP for a bridge to be constructed across the Tuaran river near Kiulu town.

• Lesaya Lopog Sorudim is Director, PCS Media And Communication Unit and deputy Information Chief