‘Kipidap Dongibab’ Slotted to Speak At Labuan Motivation Ceramah Friday!!!

Rani Kulup
Rani Kulup

LABUAN – Rani Kulup, somewhat of a weirdly colourful character, who uncannily pops up at some prime functions, is said to be Speaker at a motivation seminar at Dewan Semarak, SMK Mutiara Friday morning.

The seminar is for the “Youth of Labuan” but there are Labuan Society people who have chided the organisers of this event for bringing in a character of dubious quality.

“What,” were the common expressions of serious Labuanites. “He’s not coming to a circus now, is he,” snickered another.

Efforts to contact the organisers for more details of the seminar was futile.

The quirky character is better known for his funny English words ‘kipidap’ (meaning keep it up) and ‘dongibab’ (don’t give up) which have been familiar joke words with those in the peninsular.


Rani Kulup is also never without the red beret, and he is well known for headline grabbing – lodging police reports against activists and opposition leaders.

He himself claims to have lodged up to 1,000 complaints since 2011 and declared that he is very proud of it.

The man who heads right wing Malay group Martabat Jalinan Muhibbah Malaysia (MJMM) was quoted as saying that lodging police reports had become almost a “national duty” for him as he was called upon to do so to “save the country” from seditious and evil elements.

“Are the organisers so bankrupt of ideas as to get someone of this standard to give a talk,” said a Labuan resident on condition of anonymity.

“Do we really want our youth to listen to such a character. Unless the seminar itself is a joke, I think whoever thought of it is someone who himself is unsure of what to do, and has nothing better to do.”

Rani Kulup is believed to have arrived in Labuan on Thursday.