Kidnap Attempt At St Anne’s By Trio; Labuan Cops Investigating Report


LABUAN – Police are investigating a report that a nine-year old was almost kidnapped by three persons outside St Anne’s primary school here Wednesday evening.

A police report was said to have been lodged the same evening.

However police have also dismissed a viral report in social media about the alleged incident and said that a photo fit of two female suspects was fake.

It was three men in a white Toyota Hiace who were said to be involved in the attempted kidnap that occurred while the Primary 3 girl was waiting for her mother to pick her up after her co-curriculum activities.

She reportedly told police that a white-coloured van with heavily tinted windows approached her as she was standing outside the main gate.

According to sources, the van stopped quite close to her and the man seated at the front passenger seat got down and asked the girl for her name.

He also offered the girl some sweets, but she turned it down.

Fearing something amiss when the man was getting down from the van, the girl ran back inside the school compound and informed the security guard what had happened.

The guard came out to investigate but by that time the suspects and the van had disappeared.

The headmaster was informed, and accompanied by two teachers, they took the girl to the police station where she lodged a report.

It is understood that her father works as a manager at one of the hotels here while the mother works at Labuan Corporation.

It is also understood that several other pupils had witnessed the incident.