Kalakau Was Shafie Apdal’s Link To Gabungan Sabah, Claims SAPP Official


KOTA KINABALU: Shafie Apdal, the Parti Warisan president must personally respond to an assertion that he had sought a pact with Gabungan Sabah, a local opposition alliance prior to setting up his party.

According to John Stephen, supreme council member of Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) – a Gabungan Sabah component – said Shafie appeared to shying away from the matter by relying on junior party official to deny such a pact.

“Shafie should come right out and deny it instead of hiding in the shadows and relying on an assistant of Warisan State Assemblyman to do it for him.

“Is it because he knows that what Yong Teck Lee, SAPP president, had said about the proposed pact is true and is irrefutable,” John said in a statement on Thursday.

John said as Yong had asserted on Tuesday (March 27), Shafie had dispatched Kalakau Untol, a Parti Cinta Sabah official, to meet Gabungan Sabah leaders over a period of several months.

He claimed this occurred after Shafie was sacked as a Federal minister in 2015.

Yong had on Tuesday said that Shafie had contacted him through Kalakau and voiced confidence of winning Umno’s 16 Umno seats but his condition to USA (or Gabungan Sabah), which then comprised SAPP, STAR and PCS, was for him to become the Sabah Chief Minister.

The former Chief Minister said USA had agreed to Shafie’s condition.

However the pact “went right out of the window” after Shafie took over the helm of Parti Warisan.

Without any agreement with Warisan or Pakatan Harapan, he said Gabungan Sabah would be contesting both parliament and state seats.


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