“Kaamatan Ensouls Nature, Unduk Ngadau Ensouls Kaamatan.”

KOTA KINABALU: This year is the first year after the Pandemic that we able to organize the Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan cultural pageant with the full attendance from the districts who held their Kaamatan and Unduk Ngadau in 2022.

However we still have to follow the SOP of 1000 people inside the KDCA hall, where e invitations who send their names on first come first serve basis.

This year we see 44 Unduk Ngadau from the districts of Sabah and Kdca Branches namely from the state of Johore Bahru, Melaka , Klang valley and Putra Jaya that will vie for the Culture, Agrotourism and Nature Ambassador Unduk Ngadau subsidiary title this year 2022.

This year, it is appropriate because we are opening back our tourism. We want to promote our culture in all the districts, Agrotourism because we are still strong in Agrotourism. Nature because Kaamatan ensouls Nature.

Nature is our assets that must be conserved and we are indeed blessed surrounded by conserved forest under Sabah Parks and Forestry department. It is important for the young women to understand what it means to conserve our Natural assets and to know about 17 United Nations SDG goals as we are all indigenous women.

All the 44 are also to submit a 1 minute video of their districts in their mother tongue and subtitle in English. Professional judges will be judging on this and the winner will win RM2000, RM1500 and RM1000, respectively and the marks will be added to their overall marking on 31/5/2022.

We continue to advocate the betterment of women thru their love of their culture by speaking their mother tongue and wearing decent modest evening wear.

Over years we have emphasized on the promotion of all ethnic groups Traditional Costume which bring out many more traditional costumes that is seldom seen during the Unduk Ngadau competition.
Having judged at the District levels like Pitas and Paitan, I saw the Sandayo traditional costume and also the Keeling traditional costume.

This will certainly enrich our traditional costumes in Sabah and also our book on the Evolution of the Traditional Costumes to be published in July.

This year our official accommodation is at Magellan Sutera Harbour Hotel.
Our programmes from 27th to 31st May are already full.

We thank all our main sponsors especially Datuk Ramah Jan Sulaiman Khan, founder of Jkhan for sponsoring the Winner cash prize of RM12,000.00 where RM2k will only be paid to the winner once they hand over their traditional costumes to the Unduk Ngadau Gallery. She also sponsored the Crown, sash for the winner and trophies for top 7, Tati Topiodo and Jkhan beauty products. Tati Tosuau is sponsored by Mdm. Suzie Van Der Lej .

Our first runner up Cash prize is sponsored by Madam Catherine Dumas, founder of QPACK. She also sponsored the three winners of the CAN video competition.

The second and third runner up is sponsored by YB. Datuk James Ratib, Assistant Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Veterinary cum Takad Nabalu President.

4th till 6th runner up Is sponsored by Chua Kah Seng Supermarket Sdn Bhd.

The main scholarship sponsor is North Borneo University who also sponsored the Best Basaan Tinandai Togingo [Best Ethnic Motif Inspired Evening Gown].

We thank the sponsors and public for their support that all our Fund Raising tables are sold out as we are still limited by the hall capacity in adhering to the KKM SOP.