Just A Lure For Votes; BN Government Not Serious In Solving MA63 Issues

The government had formed the RCI on the illegal immigrant, the hearing had been done and completed and report prepared but up to date no action has been taken on the report and there are still thousands of illegal immigrants in Sabah.

COMMENT: The announcement by the Barisan Nasional that the MA63 is to be included in their 14th general election proves only one thing, and that is, the government is not serious about solving the issue.

If they are really serious about it (MA63) they could have just implement it without further delay as they are in power and have all the means to do it. This is just an empty promise to lure votes.

The people will not be hoodwinked by this promise knowing well that after the election they will just sweep it under the carpet. The government had formed the RCI on the illegal immigrant, the hearing had been done and completed and report prepared but up to date no action has been taken on the report.

It is all clear that the government is only giving a lip service to the issue and had no intention of solving it. The people are well aware that the government of the day lives on denial syndrome, empty promise and lies. The 1MDB issues had given the crystal-clear proof of this.


When the RM2.6 billion that went to the Prime Minister’s personal account was exposed, the first reaction from Najib was a denial but when proof was exposed he lied by saying that the money was a donation from a Saudi royal family which is of course a lie because the US Department of Justice (DOJ) had proven that it is money from the stolen 1MDB fund.

The issue of the 40% of tax revenue to be returned to Sabah also had been put aside by the government. If the government is sincere about this then a national committee, which include members from Sabah, should have been set long time ago and a comprehensive solution should have been announced and implemented.

Dr. Mahathir has offered 50% return of the tax revenue to Sarawak if the opposition become the next government. This convinces the people of Sabah that only through a change of government can there be any chance of solving the MA63 issue.

Meanwhile the exclusion of Sabah in the electoral review that was tabled in Parliament have created a wide-spread question and suspicion from the minds of the people of Sabah. The people are now questioning why in the first place the amendment to the Sabah state constitution was tabled and passed in the state assembly in August 2016.

Now the EC report that was table in parliament excluded Sabah. The government had to give a convincing explanation to the people of Sabah on this matter. Although I personally think that the delineation was not fairly done according to the demographic distribution in Sabah, I gave my support purely because Sabah deserved an increase in representation.

It is widely rumoured that due to the recent political landscape in Sabah the BN government realize that the extra 13 state seat will not necessary give them political advantage. Therefore the state BN leadership had a second thought and stopped the tabling of the report in parliament.

The second thought of the BN government is evident from the statement from Rahman Dahlan (Kota Belud MP) that there is room for discussion between the Chief Minister of Sabah and the Prime Minister on the matter. Madius Tangau (Tuaran MP) said that the state government thinks that the timing is not suitable.

The question arises as to why amend the state constitution in the first place?

Be that as it may, the people Sabah are now ever ready for change in government. Money is not necessary the king because the people are now literate and more articulated in fighting for their right.

  • Wilfred M Bumburing is Assemblyman for Tamparuli and president of Parti Cinta Sabah