Junz, Six Other State Leaders Flayed For Quitting Sabah DAP

Sandakan MP and Sabah DAP chairman Stephen Wong.
Sandakan MP and Sabah DAP chairman Stephen Wong.

KOTA KINABALU – Sabah DAP chairman Stephen Wong predicted that its party defectors, led by Likas Assemblyman Junz Wong, will pay a “painful price for their arrogance and mistake”.

Describing the move as a betrayal to the voters of Likas especially, Wong condemned Junz and six others who quit the party as its office bearers earlier Sunday to join an yet unregistered local-based party.

“They must resign if they are to quit the party or ‘jump’ to another party as they have betrayed the voters, there is no ambiguity! If he does not agree with the ideology and principles of DAP, why did he contest in the last election under the banner of DAP?” Stephen asked.

In a hard hitting statement, Stephen who is also Sandakan Member of Parliament said Junz and his cohorts can never justify their betrayal, nor can they avoid the people’s questions or rationalise their ‘frog hopping’ behaviour.

Junz, left, and Sabah deputy chief, Joan Goh were among the seven Sabah DAP leaders hammered by Stephen.
Junz, left, and Sabah deputy chief, Joan Goh were among the seven Sabah DAP leaders hammered by Stephen.

“This is a culture most hated by people of Sabah and this culture must be ‘buried’ for the sake of Sabah,” Stephen pointed out.

The Sandakan MP claimed that Junz was elected as an assemblyman by the majority of voters because of his party and demanded he relinquish public office.

He also sneered at Junz’ motive for resigning, saying the latter could not claim concern for Sabah if he could not understand the fundamentals of democracy by respecting the wishes of voters.

“On our part, we in DAP Sabah solemnly stress that our leaders and members are Sabahan who are native-born Sabah and have defended the rights and interests of Sabah for many years, and launched a number of practical programmes to help and pledge to reform Sabah so that Sabah gets its autonomy and equality.

“The efforts of DAP Sabah are clear and obvious to all,” Stephen added, while apologising to Likas constituents on behalf of DAP.

Jimmy Wong
Jimmy Wong

Sabah DAP is now left with two MPs and an Assemblyman. Apart from Wong, the other MP is Jimmy Wong (Kota Kinabalu) while its sole Assemblyman is Chan Foong Hin (Sri Tanjung).

He also pointed out that Junz had in 2013 chastised Dr Hiew King Cheu when the former Sabah DAP chief quit and demanded the Luyang assemblyman resign.

“We are willing to cooperate based on common ideals, (working together with Sabah based parties) but it should be bound to a pre-condition of sincerity. Otherwise, we will adhere to our principles and fight to the very end of the battle,” he said.

“We are very sorry but the resignation of Junz Wong from DAP does not mean that DAP cannot or will not continue to serve the people in Likas.”