Junz: Relief Is On The Way For Distressed Paddy Farmers In Kota Belud

KOTA KINABALU: Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Junz Wong said efforts were being taken to ensure Kota Belud paddy farmers get enough water supply before the next planting season.

The current dry season is expected to continue throughout the month and in some areas until April. It was reported, it has not rained in Kota Belud for almost a month.


“I understand the situation experienced by the farmers. Although the drought is something beyond our control, we are finding ways to alleviate the plight of the farmers.” Said Junz Wong on Sunday.

“My officers are on the ground looking for the best way to channel water to the affected paddy fields,” the minister said.

“We will try our best to help the farmers but the farmers must also maintain their paddy fields,” Junz informed.

Junz said, the ministry would look at the situation holistically and appoint consultant to study the flood and water supply to paddy fields as well as households.

“Studies will be approved by Economic Planning Unit soon but this is the future planning to address the flood and water supply issues in Kota Belud,” reiterated Datuk Junz.