Jaujan Only Queried Losses; If You Can’t Raise Issues In Dewan, Then …..

Mohd Azis Jamman

KOTA KINABALU: No one accused Yayasan Sabah of being bankrupt, and Parti Warisan Sabah is amused at the response given by Musa Aman, who also went to great lengths to ridicule opposition lawmakers who spoke on the foundation’s subsidiary companies and their financial health.

Wira Warisan chief, Dato’ Mohd Azis Haji Jamman in a Facebook posting, said all Jaujan Sambakong (Warisan-Sulabayan) had queried was why a subsidiary company had incurred losses amounting to millions of ringgit.

“But the chief minister was incensed when facts were stated (by Jaujan) at the State Assembly,” Azis wrote. “No need to get angry but give a response the right way.

“If what Jaujan said was not true, Musa can point that out. Why call an Assemblyman a ‘pembohong’ (liar) and then tell him to go to Yayasan Sabah to get an explanation. Then what’s the point of having an Assembly sitting when you cannot ask certain questions.”

Jaujan Sambakong

Jaujan, a Warisan Sabah vice president, claimed that Rakyat Berjaya Sdn Bhd, a company under Innoprise Corporation, the business arm of Yayasan Sabah, showed in its statement of accounts for the financial year ending December 31, 2015, that it had incurred losses amounting to RM81 million after tax.

In his debate at the just-concluded State Assembly Jaujan said the finding was based on a search with the Registrar of Companies on April 9, 2017 when he stumbled upon the startling losses.

The accounts, stated Jaujan, showed that Rakyat Berjaya Sdn Bhd had long terms debts of up to RM220 million while the short term debts stood at RM135 million.

Jaujan also pointed out that the company’s overall assets only came up to RM143 million.

Azis said such shocking figures definitely needed a reply from the chief minister, who is also chairman of the Yayasan Sabah Board of Trustees.

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However, instead of answering to the point, Musa went on to accuse Sulabayan of “lies and misleading the August House”.

Musa in his response said Yayasan Sabah has assets worth RM14 billion and cash in excess of RM420 million, and was able to give out millions in scholarships every year, as well as carry out other projects and programmes.

Musa who is also Finance Minister said the statement by the Sulabayan was most unfair to the staff and management of YS who have been working hard over the years to serve the people.

“To say that Yayasan Sabah is in trouble is also not good for the morale of our students who are on scholarships including those overseas,” Musa had said.

He had also pointed out that within any organisation that has so many subsidiaries there was bound to be a few that would incur losses, but this did not mean that the entire organisation was doomed or bankrupt.

Jaujan was not the only opposition lawmaker to bear the brunt of Musa’s diatribe.

Another Warisan vice president Junz Wong was similarly censured by the chief minister when he spoke on forest management units (FMUs) and land owned by Yayasan Sabah that was converted into oil palm, and how another subsidiary of the foundation, Benta Wawasan only posted RM5.9 million pre-tax profits from its oil palm operation.