Jalan Cenderakasih In Dire Need Of Repair

KOTA KINABALU : Despite being the major road access for the residents of Kampung Cenderakasih, Taman Iramanis, Taman Bunga Raja, Taman Seri Borneo and many more residential areas, Jalan Cenderakasih here has always been in a state of decay over the past decades.

“The people are wondering why it is so difficult for the authority to build a proper high quality road to end this perennial problem once and for all.

“The said road which connects Taman Seri Borneo round-about to Metrotown is full of potholes and unsafe for road users. They have suffered enough”, lamented Warisan Sepanggar Chinese Committee AJK, Vincent Liew Majadil.

Vincent said he received numerous complaints from fed up residents, grossly dissatisfied and annoyed with the rundown road condition.

“One Mr Wong said his car hit a pothole, badly damaging the tyre and rim and he ended up forking out RM1,700.00 for the cost of repairing his car which included cost of car towing, tyre and rim replacement and suspension system repair.

During the incident, Mr Wong almost hit a motorcyclist”, said Vincent.

“Why are the authorities victimising these people, especially the residents of Kampung Cenderakasih?

“Do the authorities concerned realize that Jalan Cenderakasih is not only the main road access for residents of Kampung Cenderakasih, but this section of road is also being used by thousands of road users daily because it also connects nearby residential, commercial and industrial areas.

“For Kampung Cenderakasih folks, driving out daily is risky.

“Furthermore, the dilapidated road condition has also caused the real estate value in that area to decrease.

“The people of Kampung Cenderakasih should not be left out of their fair share of development and prosperity,” Vincent concluded.