Two Years In the Slammer, Fighting Schoolboys Have Been Warned

This and the featured photo are posed by models and have nothing to do with the SMK Kolombong gang fight.

KOTA KINABALU: It was a test of strength between two gangs in an Inanam school that led to a fracas between dozens of them at a children’s playground last week.

And now police are warning school gangs that if they are found guilty they can be charged as juveniles and even be jailed, depending on how serious the offence is.

“We want to nip in the bud gangs that create a ruckus in schools, and even though they are juveniles, if they are brought to court and charged,” said Assistant Commissioner Chandra Muthu, the City police chief.

He said in a statement Saturday those found guilty they can be jailed for up to two years, fined, or both.

The statement was issued after a one minute 51 seconds video of a fracas involving students of SMK Kolombong went viral on Friday, prompting the school’s disciplinary teacher to lodge a police report on Friday night.


The incident is said to have taken place at the Taman-Bayumas children’s playground near the school on Wednesday.

However, police investigations revealed that Wednesday’s fracas was actually a continuation of a fight that started a day earlier at the same place after school hours.

In Saturday’s statement, ACP Chandra said the school authorities have identified three of the students who started the fight. Two of them are in form four while the third is in form three.

The Wednesday incident was videotaped and it went viral on Facebook.

It started with two boys squaring off with each other, but after the first blows were traded, other gang members jumped into fight and a melee soon ensued, with onlookers cheering and jeering both sides.

ACP Chandra said the school authorities have assured police that they would give their full cooperation to assist in the investigations.

Maimunah Suhaibul, the State Education Department was quoted by the Star online as saying that the incident occurred outside the school compound on August 9.

“This case has been referred to the police,” she was quoted as saying, though she declined to reveal more information pending investigations.

In July last, 10 girls could be seen beating a 16-year-old student in the Kunak district.

The 10 girls, aged between 15 and 19, have been questioned by the police and were waiting to be charged.

It was learnt that the victim was beaten up after she posted a picture of her with a boy taken during Hari Raya on social media.