Is DAP’s Support For Backdoor Govt More Principled? Asks Warisan

KOTA KINABALU: Party Warisan’s Chinese Coordinator for DUN Api-Api, Michelle Mok has chided DAP for criticising Shafie Apdal as “unprincipled”.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Mok asked if DAP’s support for the current backdoor government was more principled.

“Is it more principled for DAP to sign an MOU to support the current backdoor government?”

“Will DAP sign an MOU 2.0 after losing the 15th General Election (GE15)?

“The one that signed the MOU to support a government who lost is DAP, not Warisan.

“The one that received millions in exchange for signing the MOU is DAP, not Warisan.

“The one that relied on support from kleptocrats and the court cluster to become PM was the head of PH, not Warisan,” Mok stressed.

Mok pointed out that the current backdoor government had only a slim majority, but after PH signed the MOU, the current backdoor government had time to rebuild itself.

“Is this DAP’s version of being principled?”

Mok, a Sabahan trained lawyer who runs her own law firm added that DAP’s arrogance proves it has a “Malayan-colonial mentality”.

“In West Malaysia, DAP is rejected by the Malays because it portrays itself as the big brother. It’s partners PKR and Amanah are also not well accepted by the Malays because they are seen as ‘running dogs’ to DAP.”

“This is a political reality that DAP and PH must accept and work on it, before instructing Sabahans and Sarawakians what to do.”

“That ‘Malayan-colonial mentality’ must stop.”

Mok explained, the reason for Warisan to not be attached to anyone entering the General Election is because the party wants to put Sabahans’ interests above coalition interests.

“By declaring that Warisan as the biggest single party in Sabah is ready to cooperate with the winning coalition, Shafie was actually saying whoever offers the best deal for Sabah will be considered by Warisan’.”

“This offer will include rights to oil and gas, rights to natural resources, rights to export licenses, the Malaysian Agreement 1963 and so forth.”

“Whoever gives the best deal to Sabah will then have Warisan’s support to form the Federal Government.”

Mok said, the coming 15th General Election is the time for Sabahans to make their demands clear, as all Federal coalitions regardless of PH, BN or PN will be jostling for support from Borneo.

“It is very likely there will be no clear cut winners this coming GE15, leading to a situation where PH, BN and PN will desperately look to Sabah and Sarawak for the numbers.

“So do we commit now or wait for the three coalitions to put forth their offer to Sabah?

“PH can still get Warisan’s support. But the condition is, it must fare well in West Malaysia and then put forth a good offer that Sabahans cannot turn down,” she said.

Using Sarawak as an example, Michelle also said that Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) with a mere 18 MPs could become kingmakers because it was not attached to any Federal coalitions.

“Sarawak’s GPS became kingmakers in September 2021 with merely 18 MPs.”

“Sabah has 25 MPs. We can decide who forms the next Federal Government, on condition the best deal is offered to Sabah.”