IOW Platform For Legitimate News, Information

Gobind (centre) speaks during a press conference.

KOTA KINABALU: The government aims to disseminate latest and legitimate news and information to the members of public one of its efforts – Info on Wheels (IOW).

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Minister of Communication and Multimedia Gobind Singh Deo said IOW serves as a platform for the people to obtain news of nationwide’s current affairs.

Among the current happenings that the people should be aware of is the Covid-19 outbreak, he stressed.

Gobind explains about IOW to one of the vendors at the Kota Kinabalu Pasar Besar.

“Through this programme, the people are able to get clear and accurate explanations on the virus as well as its prevention and precautionary measures,” he said after a visit at the Pasar Besar here.

Also present were Kota Kinabalu MP Chan Foong Hin and Assistant Minister to Chief Minister Datuk Jimmy Wong.

According to Gobind, the programme was launched last January and that the Department of Information has come up with a total of 2,599 programmes, of which 286 have been conducted throughout Malaysia.

Gobind and the others during a visit at Kota Kinabalu Pasar Besar.

“At the same time, Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) has introduced 176 infographics, 46 talk shows, 1,388 TV news bulletin, and 5,465 radio news.

“Meanwhile, some 39 infographics, 364 news articles, 193 TV news, 30 talk shows, and 12 radio talks have been conducted by Bernama,” he disclosed.

Control measures by the authorities are conducted actively whereas up to Feb 19, a total of 17 patients who were Covid-19 positive have fully recovered and been discharged, he noted.

Gobinds greets one of the vendors.

“The cumulative number of Covid-19 cases reported to date remains at 22 with only five cases still under treatment.

“Clear explanations on the outbreak is important to avoid tension among the people, especially with the spread of fake news,” the minister said.

On a separate matter, Gobind asserted that some 2,777 individuals have benefit from the My Salam scheme, receiving a total of RM4.5 million worth of aid from the scheme.

“Over the past nine years, more than RM13.7 million worth of aid has been channeled to some 9,662 individuals.

“Of these, 1,448 individuals have received critical illness benefits and 8,214 have received hospitalisation allowance benefits,” he said.