Inter-District Travel Permit Within Sarawak Obtainable From Any Police Station

SIBU: Members of the public can go to any police station nearest to them to get the inter-district travel permit, says Sibu district police chief, ACP Stanley Jonathan Ringgit.

“Although Sibu is a red zone, it does not mean the public can only get the permit at the Sibu central police station. They can get it from the nearest police station,” he clarified following confusion among the public on the matter.

Met during his visit to a roadblock at the Paradom roundabout, 14 km from here, Stanley said this was to avoid any unwanted congestion and flouting of the physical distancing rule at the Sibu central police station.

“We are still giving the public some relaxation today with regard to the permit travel requirement. However, we will fully enforce it tomorrow but those who provide essential services such as lorry drivers, they don’t need to apply for the permit,” he added.

Stanley also confirmed that none of his men had been tested positive for COVID-19 so far but individually, some of them had to go for a swab test as a precaution.

On a related matter, he said police would take stern action against those found violating the standard operating procedure (SOP), especially their home quarantine, as well as food outlet operators.

“No compound will be issued to those who flout their home quarantine and food operators who operate beyond the stipulated time, but they will be immediately charged in court.

“We now have two hotels offering rooms for quarantine instead of only one hotel previously. No more home quarantine from now on,” he said.

According to Stanley, Sibu police mounted roadblocks at three locations, namely, the junction of Rumah Langi Ambau in Pasai Siong, KM19 Sibu-Bintulu road and the Paradom roundabout.