Immigration Bosses Must Come Clean On IMM13 Hullabaloo

COMMENT: I demand clarity on IMM13 registration and census on refugees. Which is which?

1. The Sabah Immigration Department stopped the registration of IMM13 passes for children of Filipino refugees from Friday (Oct 12).

2. Its Director Datuk Musa Sulaiman said this was being done for the department to analyse their weaknesses after the registration ban on IMM13 documents was lifted on Oct 1.

3. Immigration Director General Datuk Seri Mustafa Ali meanwhile said that this is a census and have disputed the claims done by the Sabah Chief.

4. Let me remind everyone that under MA63, Sarawak and Sabah has the power to regulate immigration for our states. In fact, Malaysians from the Peninsula require a permit if they want to work or study in Sarawak or Sabah. In this context, if the Federal Government has decided to run a census on IMM13 immigrant and their children in Sabah; the State Cabinet needs to know and it is in fact the prerogative of the State Government to approve this before it is being carried out.

5. The obvious clash of stance between Sabah Immigration chief and Immigration Director General Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali is disturbing. Does that mean that the KL folk can overwrite the Sabah State Government, or a decision has been done at the Federal level to run a census on IMM13 and we were not aware about it?

6. Please come clean and brief the State Cabinet if the refugees in Sabah still have their status as refugees? And what was the justification for the IMM13 to be renewed by Sabah as claimed by the Sabah Chief earlier? Whose directive was that please?

• Wilfred Madius Tangau is Sabah Deputy Chief Minister cum Minister of Trade and Industry and Upko President