Iman, Sabah’s Second Last Sumatran Rhinoceros, On Verge Of Death

It is believed that one of the larger tumor might have ruptured and is causing Iman pain and bleeding. – Photo courtesy of Sabah Wildlife Department/ Borneo Rhino Alliance

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah’s last female Sumatran rhinoceros named Iman has a serious health problem and could be dead within the next 72 hours.

Bleeding from her uterine leiomyoma tumours started three days ago.

“Usually this can be treated with medication and supplements,” said Augustine Tuuga, Sabah Wildlife Department Director, in a statement Sunday.

“This time Iman is refusing to leave her mud wallow and she has hardly eaten, so the usual treatment has not been possible. She charges at anyone who comes near,” said Tuuga.

Tam, the other rhino at the sanctuary.

It is believed that one of the larger tumours might have ruptured and is causing pain and bleeding.

Tabin has received nearly six meters of rainfall in 2017, so her paddock has become a quagmire, making things even more difficult.

“Both Borneo Rhino Alliance veterinarians are constantly monitoring Iman along with the keepers. We are hoping for the best and will keep the public informed,” added Augustine.

The sad news comes only half a year after the demise of Puntung.

There is another rhino, Tam (short for Kertam)