I’m Still DAP For Now, Says Bosi; But If I Don’t Get Kapayan Again I’ll Quit

KOTA KINABALU: Kapayan state lawmaker Edwin Bosi has done it again – so Parti Cinta Sabah will have to wait a little longer for the membership of this flip-flop politician.

Bosi said he would not be quitting the DAP, which helped him win the Kapayan seat in 2013, but made it a point to stress he would still leave, if the State leadership cannot assure him that he’ll be defending the seat in the next election.

Edwin Bosi talking to the media on Thursday before the final day of the Sabah Legislative Assembly sitting; while not denying outright he is quitting the party that helped him win the Kapayan seat, he says he will go if the party does not field him again.

“In the event that the party doesn’t choose me to defend my Kapayan seat, my (supporters) have advised me (to) opt to become an independent lawmaker, or join other parties that defend the basic rights of all Malaysians, especially the natives,” he told the media outside the State Assembly building, Thursday morning.

He also said he had heard rumours that he would not be fielded by the DAP to defend Kapayan, and had approached the state chairman, Stephen Wong to confirm or deny it.

“As a senior member of Sabah DAP (deputy chairman after an exodus of DAP leaders in 2016), I asked Wong, during the state committee meeting, whether I’d be defending my seat – and he couldn’t confirm this.

“With that, I can confidently say that there’s a basis to all the rumours, and I’ve consulted with my supporters over what I should do. They have asked me to stay with the DAP by all means,” he said.

Earlier this week, BorneoToday had in an exclusive report disclosed that Bosi would announce his resignation from the DAP this week and that he would be crossing over to state-based opposition, Parti Cinta Sabah.

Quoting top DAP sources, our report also indicated that Bosi had resigned from the decision-making national central executive committee two weeks ago.

They said Bosi was told he would not be defending Kapayan and would be switched to another constituency instead, to which he said he wanted Moyog then, but when told that was not possible, he accused Wong of not fighting hard enough for the DAP.

In mid-week, a senior PCS leader told BorneoToday that Bosi had indeed met up with them and had spoken of his intentions to join the party led Tamparuli assemblyman, Datuk Wilfred Bumburing.

The PCS leader, who asked not to be named, said all had been arranged for a formal announcement to be made after Easter.

At the press conference Thursday, Bosi admitted he already has an opposition local-based party in mind.

“We are not talking about PCS in particular. My people said the struggle must be for justice for all Malaysians, because they know I’ve been fighting fort the indigenous people, and I am looking for a party which (shares my struggle),” he said.

Bosi also explained that he has nothing against Sabah DAP, but expressed dissatisfaction with the party’s leadership, which he said has not been showing interest on issues important to the native people.

Meanwhile, Wong said the party has shortlisted 30 potential candidates for the general election and Bosi is among them.

This is not the first time Bosi has threatened to quit; last year it was rumoured that he had approached both UPKO and PBS, and though UPKO had turned him down, PBS could not guarantee him the Kapayan seat as it traditionally sees an MCA candidate fielded there.

He then remained in DAP and was made deputy chairman after several top leaders left to join Warisan.

It is understood that PKR, DAP’s partner in Pakatan Harapan is eyeing the seat and had proposed a swap.