If You Have Nothing Smart To Say, Just Keep Quiet

COMMENT: It is with great regret to read of Yong Teck Lee’s statement today urging the Sabah State Assembly sitting to be called off.

To do so would mean that the ruling government would be in breach of the State Constitution requiring the ruling government to hold its assembly during the scheduled time.

There is no breach of the MCO as this is an exception whereby the authority has noticed of and the opening ceremony has been graced by the TYT of Sabah.

The State Government has also complied with the requirements of MCO and practicing social distancing amongst the members of the Assembly. Members of the public are said to be prohibited from attending.

I believe that the people understand the need of having to have the Assembly sitting notwithstanding the MCO because this is constitutional duty. Otherwise, the Assembly would have to be dissolved.

The same argument is also hold true to the Parliament sitting on 18th May 2020 at Kuala Lumpur.

This is because the Federal Constitution requires the Dewan Rakyat to hold its yearly sitting at least 3 times a year. For this year, it was supposed to be held on 8th March but because of the transfer of power on 15 March, it was rescheduled to 18th May 2020. Although it was prorogued, the Constitution requires it to be held 6 moths from the last sitting which was held in last December.

I have received the Notice from the Dewan Rakyat Secretariat that states the Dewan will sit for ONE (1) day on 18 May where DYMM SPB YDP Agong will read the Titha DiRaja at 10am. Thereafter the proceeding will continue soon after the King leaves the House.

The Notice dated 17 April 2020 from the Pejabat Setiausaha DR, Parlimen Malaysia, also informed the MPs that due to the MCO, the Dewan sitting will debate on “RUU dan Usul Urusan Kerajaan sahaja’.

It is obvious that the present Perikatan Nasional – GPS Government is worried about the many motions that the Opposition MPs intend to file against it, amongst others will be a motion of no confidence.

This will be the test of their strength in the House as we know they have a very thin majority. The PN can collapse anytime.

They are doing this one day’s sitting for obvious reason – just to comply with the Constitutional requirement. Otherwise, it will have to be dissolved and paving way for the 15th GE.

*VK Liew is the Member of Parliament for Batu Sapi