‘I Am Disappointed’, Says Junz; Musa Avoided Answering To Queries Posed

Junz Wong

KOTA KINABALU: The Likas Assemblyman said the chief minister is obliged to provide answers and information posed by state lawmakers, especially those made at the State Assembly.

“But it seems that he (Musa Aman) prefers to shout down those who query him, probably thinking that a verbal barrage would intimidate that person into dropping the queries,” Junz Wong said.

“I am very disappointed with Musa, particularly with his winding up speech where he has avoided pertinent issues raised by me especially but gave answers that was irrelevant.”

Junz, who is also Parti Warisan Sabah vice president, said he had to put up with four days of furious lecturing by Musa in the hope he would get the answers, but instead was left disappointed.

Junz pointed out that the chief minister should have the courtesy to at least answer him as to whether (a Yayasan Sabah subsidiary) Benta Wawasan declared a profit of RM5.9 mil for 2015 year-end as factual or merely an allegation.

“If it’s factual, Musa as the finance minister as well, has the responsibility to explain why Benta Wawasan only secured such a measly profit. If it’s an allegation, a simple No would suffice,” said Junz.

How much revenue was earned from the Benta Wawasan logging concession and where is that money, Junz wants to know.

“He avoided that topic. It’s shameful. I think Musa dared not answer that question because he knows ….. Perhaps someone is stealing from the government.”

Junz said all he had wanted to know was where the income from logging activities at Benta Wawasan went to and how much was derived from the sales of logs.

He said he also wanted to know (from the four blocks of forest management units under Benta Wawasan) how much land from an area estimated at 800,000 acres was converted for oil palm cultivation.

After logging was done, parts of Benta Wawasan was converted into oil palm plantations, with the Yayasan Sabah subsidiary declaring RM5.9 million profit in 2015. But what was the acreage of its oil palm estates?

This, according to Junz, would enable the people to estate how much Benta Wawasan would have earned from its oil palm operations, as the RM5.9 million (as reported in 2015) was laughable.

He said that without the relevant facts and figures, he was making assumptions saying that if all 800,000 acres of land was now oil palm plantations, then a very conservative profit would be in the region of RM600 million, maybe a bit more.

“So again on assumption, if half the forest reserve was converted into oil palm estate, then we are looking at an estimated RM300, and if only 20 percent of that land is planted with oil palm, than the company earning would be in the region of RM120 million to RM180 million.

“So we are curious to know how Benta Wawasan ended up with merely RM5.9 million profit and I am sure Musa too should be concerned,” added Junz.

He said there was a possibility that someone was taking Yayasan Sabah (and by extension the people) for a ride and reaping millions of Ringgit for themselves.

“I just hope that this is not true so we need the chief minister’s help to get to the bottom of this matter,” he added.

“I have no choice but to continue to press on this issue in order to seek of the truth because I need to remind Musa and the Barisan Nasional that every inch of the forests belongs to the people of Sabah.”

Junz hinted that a police report would be lodged with regards to the matter.

At the just-concluded State Assembly sitting, Musa said that all elected representatives – even those from the opposition – are welcome to see the ministers in their offices, or visit state-owned agencies, if they have any matters that need clarification.