‘Huguan Lundu Mirongod’: ‘Practice Philosophy Of Love, Serve, Remember’

The ‘Huguan Lundu Mirongod’ (or Brave Paramount Thinker), with his wife and children in a greeting advertisement he has sent out over social media.
The ‘Huguan Lundu Mirongod’ (or Brave Paramount Thinker), with his wife and children in a greeting advertisement he has sent out over social media.

KOTA KINABALU – The newly installed ‘Huguan Lundu Mirongod’ (or Brave Paramount Thinker), Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan said Malaysia could be more prosperous, more progressive, peaceful and safe,

This he said could happen if our leaders could practise the philosophy of “Love, Serve and Remember” in his Christmas and New Year message, his first since being conferred the title.

He said, “Love” is the highest form of responsibility. When practised no harm will come to the nation or to its citizens as we have a simbiotic relationship, with the nation-state,with one another and with our environment.

Dr. Jeffrey who is also Bingkor Assemblyman, said just because we have different religious faiths or of different race, it does not absolve us from loving one another.

“If our leaders love the nation they will most likely protect it and make it strong and safe and not steal from it,” he said in his message which was emailed to BorneoToday.

“If our leaders love our people equally they will ensure peace and harmony exists and prevents the seeds of hatred and extremism from growing.”

Dr Jeffrey said Federal leaders should take a leaf and learn from the recent Christmas celebrations in Sabah where peace and harmony ruled, quite the opposite to what is the hue and cry over in Malaya and condoned by Umno leaders where the politics of race and religion create fear and obstruction to racial and religious harmony.

“As was customary in the past, family, friends and political opponents from all races, religions and creed merrily wished each other and gathered to celebrate the Christmas ‘open houses’.

“It has always been ever since Islam stepped onto the shores of the land before it was called North Borneo by the British and now Sabah in Malaysia.

“At the other extreme end in peninsular Malaysia, Islamist extremists and bigots are fanning extremism by objecting and calling for Muslims not to wish Christmas greetings to non-Muslims and not to celebrate Christmas.

“It is because of the love of God, the love of your country, the love of your fellow man and the love of nature that you serve them. Serving is a form of respect and the twin responsibility of practising love,” said the ‘Huguan Lundu Mirongod’

Jeffrey issued a reminder all things comes from God the Almighty, and without God, we are nothing. We must therefore always remember who we are and where we came from…our roots and our true self.

He argued that federal political leaders should stop the race and religion antics and follow the Sabah-way in nation-building. If not, he said, Malaysia will not progress or survive and will only disintegrate over time.

According to Dr Jeffrey, dederal and Islamic leaders need to be progressive and forthright, as well as remember and understand that Malaysia is no longer the Malay States, as it now includes Sabah and Sarawak as equal partners.

The federation, he pointed out, is multi-racial and multi-religious where freedom of religion is guaranteed under the Federal Constitution.