Hints That A Non-Sabahan Will Be Appointed Vice Chancellor Of UMS


KOTA KINABALU: Social media is abuzz with news that no Sabahans have been recommended to take over as Vice Chancellor of Universiti Sabah Malaysia.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Zaki Azmi, who is also a non Sabahan, and a committee headed by him, is said to have recommended two non Sabahans to take over from Professor Dr Mohd Harun Abdullah.

Dr Mohd Harun who was appointed as the Vice-Chancellor effective 18 June 2012 is due to retire next month.

Netizens have slammed the recommendations and the omission on Sabahans.

“This is the most ridiculous action taken by Zaki and his committee; as if there are no qualified Sabahans to take over from Harun,” wrote a businessman, Murshidi Abd Ghaffar in his Facebook.


A prominent writer from Kota Belud, Musli Osli, in his Facebook posting said if a non Sabahan were to head UMS, it would be deemed that the voice of Sabahans are no longer relevant and goes unheard.

“We cannot even protect our (Sabah) rights,” he wrote without naming who he was putting the blame on.

Another Sabahan, who asked not to be named, said Zaki must step down from his position if indeed the news was true that no Sabahans had been recommended for the VC post.

He said Zaki should be replaced by a Sabahan, and went on to name former State Secretary KY Mustapha as one who would be able to do the job of Zaki, just as well, if not better.

He added that if no qualified Sabahans could be found to be the next VC, then the tenure of Dr Harun could be easily extended, instead.

The relevant people could not be contacted for comment.