Has Pairin Kept His Promise? Sabah IC the Main Warisan Agenda – Leiking

Darell Leiking
Darell Leiking

KOTA KINABALU – Barisan Nasional state leaders just could not understand the feeling felt by ordinary Sabahans to the point that they (BN leaders) are ridiculing this sense of patriotism felt by the ‘Sabahans to Sabah’.

Deputy president of Parti Warisan Sabah Darell Leiking said this is understandable because they have lost their spirit (for the people) after being too long in power.

“Whenever there is report of crime committed by illegal immigrants (or PTIs) being shared through social media – Whatsapp or WeChat, hordes of Sabahans would vent their anger and frustration because they could not understand it why the PTIs have no regard or fear towards the laws of Malaysia,” he said.

“Just look at the RCI (Royal Commission of Inquiry) on the PTIs in Sabah; there is no urgency at all on the part of our State BN leaders to have it completed immediately despite being given the green light by the Federal Government to do so.”

In a statement Saturday, Leiking who is also the Member of Parliament for Penampang asked if deputy Chief Minister, Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan had already submitted the Technical Committee’s reports and recommendations on the PTIs in Sabah (to the Deputy Prime Minister, Zahid Hamidi who chairs the Permanent Committee).


“Pairin had actually promised to Sabahans that the reports and recommendations will be ready this month so as a servant to the ‘rakyat’ perhaps he could enlighten us whether he had indeed already submitted it.

“If not, then obviously he did not keet his promise to all of us,” he said, adding that the PTIs and Project IC are issues that transcend beyond politics since it essentially relates to the security and future of all Sabahans.

“I do not have to stress the importance of having these two issues being settled forever,” added Leiking.

He also pointed it out that it is the BN State leaders themselves who ‘sold the spirit of MA63’ to Malaya leaders for mere political survival.


Whenever any opposition leaders speak about it (issues that affect the people), there will always be someone from the BN camp playing the same old song that ‘we don’t make noises about what we do or that there so many matters to be discussed things behind the scene’.

Said Leiking, “Well, you could trick Sabahans into believing that you are indeed doing things silently and working behind the scenes.

“But the fact that you, being part of the members that form the Government of the Day, are oblivious to the needs of Sabahans up to the point that you are taking your sweet time on matters which are of importance, only potrays your incapability to lead effectively.

Leiking also reiterated it that there should be no more dilly dallying by BN Sabah component parties to the ‘Sabah IC’ issue.

“Sabah is in total control on the ‘Registration’ of birth and death certificates, the issuance of work permits/passes, issuance of permanent residency and in total control of its immigration.

“Thus, by virtue of all these powers currently in the hand of Sabah and better known as “Kuasa Sabah”, *I just could not understand it why our BN State leaders love to harp the Sabah IC issue during their parties’ respective conventions in the presence of Najib Razak when the Sabah State Government could easily implement it*,” he explained.

He also affirmed that Sabah IC will become the main agenda of Parti Warisan Sabah once it is voted by the people into power.

“As far as Warisan thinks, this (issuance of Sabah IC) will proceed immediately once the party took over the governance of Sabah,” he added.