Hard For Opposition 1-On-1 With The BN As They Help Form New Parties

Hamzah, seated third from left, with Liew, fourth left, and Wong, fourth right, in a group photo session, after the press conference.
Hamzah, seated third from left, and BELOW, with Liew, fourth left, and Wong, fourth right, in a group photo session, after the press conference.


KOTA KINABALU – Amanah Sabah Chairman Hamzah Abdullah believes that the aspiration to have a one-to-one fight against the Barisan Nasional in the 14th general election will never be realized.

He explained that this is because BN has all the means to get others to form new (opposition) parties and join in the fray to upset such an idea.

Without naming names, Hamzah said for practical reasons, all opposition parties should be working together to topple the common enemy.

Hamzah reminded that Pakatan Harapan has a proven track record in the two states which they currently administer i.e. Selangor and Penang, which he said had benefitted the people there.

“We cannot claim that we are very strong but we have proven that we have the support of the people,” said Hamzah.


In the 13th general election (in 2013) the only person who won on his own was Sabah STAR chairman, Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan. The rest (11 others) won on Pakatan ticket.

With that in mind, Pakatan Harapan Sabah – DAP, PKR and Amanah – hopes that the local based opposition parties will accept its invitation to attend the launching of the coalition front, this January 8, (2017).

Harapan leaders, acting PKR Sabah chairperson Christina Liew, DAP Sabah Chairman Stephen Wong and Hamzah described the gesture as the coalition being more than willing to work with the local opposition parties as an opposition unit to fight the BN.

“And we hope they will accept our invitation to attend so that we can talk,” said Liew.

Harapan is hoping that it can work out a formula so that the opposition will be successful in its target of toppling, said Wong who is also Sandakan Member of Parliament.

He added that the invitation to the local opposition parties in Sabah is to show them that Pakatan Harapan means business and are willing to work with everyone to achieve the objectives.

“With the national and local opposition parties working together, I am very confident that our chances of toppling Umno and BN will be much stronger. This is what we are hoping to achieve.

“We hope it will be a gathering of all the people and leaders who have the same objective with Pakatan Harapan. With the same objective, we will be able to achieve our goal come next election,” said Liew who is also the Api Api assemblywoman.

Responding to the call by Parti Harapan Rakyat Sabah (Harapan Rakyat) President Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin for a standardized manifesto for the opposition in Sabah, Liew acknowledged that it is a priority to get all the opposition parties to agree to work together.

Asked what would happen should the local opposition parties decides not to work with Pakatan Harapan, the three leaders unanimously replied that they will cross that bridge when they get to it.

Touching on the launching, Wong said that the event will be attended by leaders from PKR, DAP and Amanah.

According to him a declaration among the three parties will be signed and witnessed by leaders from their respective central leadership.