Hand-Kissing Days Are Over, But Give Shafie His Day; And Anwar Ibrahim?


COMMENT: Of course people want you to hit the ground running.

Expectations are high. Very high!

Then it is not so simple, as patience is needed to put the bricks, one-by-one, in place.

The new Chief Minister, Shafie Apdal is not going to have an easy ride, that’s for sure.

Before he could even warm his seat, people have started shooting poison darts at him.

People these days will not hold anything back if they are unhappy with something; they will use the social media where opinions are shared and formed.

The Chief Minister makes a surprise visit to the Kota Kinabalu Central Market on Sunday. There was no fanfare with officialdom and no policemen. He was just plain Shafie Apdal on the ground to see what’s going on.

The hand-kissing days are over. Politicians are expected to deliver, not today or tomorrow but yesterday!

It’s been two weeks now, slow to some people; Shafie has made some important decisions.

He has banned the export of logs that should have been in place a long time ago.

At least some of the idling saw mills in the State will have enough supply which can help the downstream furniture-making activity. More opportunities and jobs will be created which can help local economy as there will be more consumer-spending too.

Also with a more systematic clearing of the forests, the long-term benefits will surely outweigh the short-term gains which have not benefited the people previously.

Internet photo of a truck loaded with logs at some location in Sabah. From now, Sabah logs will be headed to local sawmills instead.

Our environment and wild life will be better protected as there have been too many unnecessary deaths of the Bornean elephants or orang utan, to name a couple, as man-wild life contacts became more frequent as they lost their habitats.

Being an economics graduate, Shafie surely knows what makes Sabah’s economy tick.

Before the election, our Yayasan Sabah (YS) was made out to be like it was a Fortune top 500 organisation; at least that was the impression created in the mainstream media with roadshows all over the state driving this point home.

Everything was like tip top.

Was it real or fake news? Is YS in a really healthy position?

The word is it is not; YS could be heavily in debt.

An artist’s impression of the Sabah International Conventional Centre, seen at left, and the rest of the development meant for the Tanjung Lipat port area. Cost over-runs could affect Yayasan Sabah’s financial position.

It is building the Convention Centre along the Coastal Road quoted initially to be in the region of RM350 million. Now, with cost over-run, it might hit RM1 billion. The current price tag is already around RM850! Will there be an accurate picture available for the public?

YS has to go back, among other things, to its core activities of providing education and health services to people who are in need of it.

There are many of them around.

While it is generally believed that we have RM4 billion in reserves, can we be very sure of that? Definitely a thorough audit is needed.

Shafie has his plate full.

Shafie Apdal has his plate full with the mess created by the previous government headed by Musa Aman. It’s a real mess and he needs all the help, and slack too, that he can get. 

Critics who are opposed to him holding the Finance portfolio with the Chief Minister’s post should ease off a bit.

He had said that it was a temporary post while things are being stabilised.

People are entitled to their opinions of course, why can’t Shafie be allowed to find for himself the true financial position so that he can chart a more confident direction for Sabah?

Maybe we can see him as an auditor of sorts until the picture is clearer.

Some of these strident critics did not as much as squeak when the former Chief Minister, Musa Aman held the double portfolios for 15 years? Wonder why?

‘Seri Anggerik’ – Musa Aman’s palatial residence in Luyang. Having allegedly bought up several other houses in the vicinity, the real estate could be worth quite a sum.

Of course, standards are higher now, with bright spotlights trained on all our politicians, it would be silly of anyone to take unnecessary risks and play the fool.

Furthermore, can we actually think of someone with the necessary background to hold the finance portfolio besides Shafie?

It is easy to say, be patient. No, we are all impatient that’s a fact. We don’t want whatever excess of the previous regime – yet to be revealed – repeated.

However, we must keep the faith that this newly-installed state government will do what’s good and what’s right for the people.

Rome wasn’t built in a day after all.

For a political party that used the tagline “In God We Trust, Change We Must”, that is something not to be taken lightly; after all nobody should use the name of the Lord in vain!


What is he trying to prove?

Netizens on the whole are not so kind with him.

Anwar Ibrahim boarding a Fire Fly flight.

Here we are trying to reset the country, the Prime Minister in waiting isn’t doing what people expect him to do to help the Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir.

Anwar Ibrahim doesn’t hold any position in the government, not yet; but why the unsolicited advice confusing the people as if he is speaking on behalf of the government?
An example, for all PH state governments to go for a 10% salary cut like the one adopted by Putrajaya.

Who appointed him?

The trip to Kelantan to see the Agung with the whole family using government jet didn’t sit well with most people.

It was only two weeks ago, Rosmah Mansor, the wife of the former Prime Minister was known to use government facilities for her personal use and charged the expenses to the tax payers of course. The perception Anwar and family is creating that it is the same all over, nothing has changed, is really unhealthy.

It was the understanding that Mahathir would be the Prime Minister for at least two years so that the necessary checks and balances would be put in place. Malaysians did not vote for Anwar, we voted for Mahathir.

Anwar and Wan Azizah together with the Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir. Anwar would do well to stay out of the limelight and allow Tun to do what is needed.

Anwar didn’t contribute anything to bring about this change as he was still incarcerated; it was Mahathir, the people had wanted.

All the high profile statements and comments and posturing are really unnecessary, after all he is an ordinary citizen. Focus is needed to build the country all over again; and distraction must be avoided as people are not impressed with old school antics.

Anwar is better off keeping a low profile for the time being, and best concentrate on his party affairs.

Just be patient; patience after all is a virtue, they say.

Old-style politics must be discarded totally, old habits die hard of course. We understand that.

Anwar and Nurul Izzah have an audience with the Sultan of Johor and the Raja Muda.

Priority is for the country and the people. If people don’t vote you in, you are nothing.

We have breached the impregnable 60-year-old fortress called Barisan Nasional; there is no turning back now.

For Anwar to be PM was agreed by PH component parties only, and not by the people.

Voters don’t want meglomaniacs and kleptocrats to be in our body politics anymore, as simple as that.

Never again!

Nobody should get ahead of themselves; after all people will decide.