Govt Has Failed To Answer Critical Issues On Sabah Water Scandal, Why?

PVC pipes are often used by villagers in the rural areas to channel down water via gravity feed system. - Internet photo
PVC pipes are often used by villagers in the rural areas to channel down water via gravity feed system. – Internet photo
Loretto Padua
Loretto Padua Jr

LETTER: Political Secretary to the Minister of Finance Sabah, Datuk Joh Wid has failed to answer several critical issues relating to the so-called ‘Sabah Watergate Scandal’ which have been highlighted by Parti Warisan Sabah president Shafie Apdal recently.

Joh and the Ministry of Finance should remember that the Minister of Finance, Musa Aman had earlier on accused Shafie under “full immunity” during the recent State Assembly meeting for the absence of water supply in the rural areas despite the ministry of Rural and Regionals Development (KKLW) constructing water treatment plants and pipes under the BALB (bekalan air luar Bandar) projects.

In all fairness, Shafie had explained that the responsibility to provide treated water is not under the jurisdiction of KKLW but through several concessionaires appointed by the State Government itself.

This was also explained in my (earlier) statement (published in news portal under the heading Impose White Paper On Sabah Water Scandal, Warisan Challenges Govt) as the Ministry continues to blame the president of Warisan on this issue.


In view that the Ministry has been avoiding this matter by keeping silent about it, I would like to know who are the seven (7) individuals/companies given the exclusive rights by the State Government under the privatisation exercise to provide clean, treated water under the BALB projects and as to why these individuals/companies failed to fulfil their responsibilities?

I would also want the Ministry to explain it why another concessionaire, Timatch Sdn Bhd had been given an extension for another 10 or 20 years to manage the supply of treated water in Sabah.

Warisan is of the opinion that the Ministry must come out with the answers to these two questions since Musa Aman suddenly became silent after being challenged by Christopher ‘Toguk’ Masudal, the Special Officer to the deputy president of Warisan, Darell Leiking to repeat his (Musa’s) accusation on Shafie in the open.

Musa Aman also seems to be non-committal to proceed with White Paper over the scandal.

Mmmmm. - Photo credit
In a not-so rural area in Sabah, 400-gallon water tanks are provided by government elected representatives, usually to harvest rain water or to store gravity-fed water. – Photo credit

As the executive head that had been entrusted to handle the taxpayer monies, Musa Aman cannot act irresponsibly by keeping mum over the challenge to publish a public report over such massive scandal after accusing Shafie in a cowardly manner.

Barisan Nasional is only the policy and decision maker for the people of Sabah through the machinery known as the State Government.

However, we are now looking at a biggest corruption case in the history of MACC which involves taxpayers monies and this depicts the failure of BN Sabah to manage the State Government properly.

So the only way for the BN Sabah to compensate their failure on this matter is to proceed with the White Paper for the public to see, he concluded.

  • Loretto Padua Jr is the secretary-general of Parti Waisan Sabah