Government Failed To Provide Better Health care For Rural Folks: DAP

The DAP hopes to carry out more medical camps in the rural areas due to the need. - Photo credits DAP Sabah
The DAP hopes to carry out more medical camps in the rural areas due to the need. – Photo credits DAP Sabah

SPECIAL REPORT: The recent announcement by the government to halt the Flying Doctor service has only worsened the situation especially for villages located in the remote regions of Pensiangan constituency.

Having been deprived of proper roads, these communities here are forced to brave treacherous terrain along the rivers to gain access to health care.

Their hardship is further compounded by the poor quality of healthcare service since most rural clinics have low stock of medicine supplies with dilapidated and out-dated equipment.

An eye specialist takes a closer look at this patient.

DAP Pensiangan Coordinator cum Sabah Political Education Director Adrian Banie Lasimbang said the government has failed the communities of Pensiangan when it comes to healthcare which is a most pressing humanity issue.

“The BN government had promised in the 2008 General Elections to build a proper hospital with complete equipment and beds in Nabawan (the nearest big town before Pensiangan).

“The-then Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had even officiated the ground breaking ceremony at the hospital site,” said Lasimbang during his visit to the Impian Sabah-led and organised medical camp that took place in Pensiangan during the last three days, held across 3 different villages of Pekan Pensiangan, Kg Inakaak and Kg Balaron in Nabawan.

“In fact, he had promised for the hospital to be built as soon as possible but after almost 10 years, what stands today is only a sub-standard polyclinic that does not have the promised facilities. This has robbed the communities in Pensiangan off their rights for better medical services,” laments Adrian.

Medical check-up for this young patient.

“We at Sabah DAP challenge the BN government to fulfill its promise to the people of Pensiangan. Upgrade all rural health centers with better facilities, restore the flying doctor service and build the Nabawan Hospital. The rural communities deserve more from their government, that is, better health care service and access to different specialists,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the 3-day free medical camp was the second to be organised by Impian Sabah in Pensiangan alone.

The first camp took place just in September which saw a turnout of over 750 patients in three villages namely Kg Simbuan, Kg Dalit and Kg Bonor in Sook. As for this medical camp, there was also an overwhelming response of over 600 patients.

Many rural folk have little or no access to proper medical treatment.

The medical camp consisted of volunteer doctors from all over Malaysia who flew in and sat on boats to provide general health checks, dental and eye treatment for everyone who came, while also dispensing medicines through a make-shift pharmacy counter and even free glasses for eye patients.

According to the Impian Medical camp coordinator Carrot Ho, the turnout had exceeded their expectations in all three villages. He thanked the community leaders who have helped to ensure the success of the camp. Meanwhile, this large turnout is a clear indication on the need for better health care services and the desperate basic welfare of the people in the interiors.


This medical camp is just one of many outreach programmes by DAP Sabah. Other programmes that the team carries out include education camps for primary school kids with the aim of providing better learning experience for them in the rural areas, as well as infrastructure projects that range from building gravity- fed water supply, irrigation system, roads to micro-hydro power projects.

It speaks deeply about DAP’s commitment to support and empower Orang Asal communities in rural areas in Sabah and a platform for fellow Malaysians to help their under-served Malaysians.