Government Departments Must Improve Efficiency

Parti Warisan Coordinator visited the underground water pipe burst at Inanam two months ago.

KOTA KINABALU : Two months ago, Parti Warisan Kota Kinabalu Division received public complaints regarding a serious underground pipe burst beside a shop at a commercial centre in Inanam area causing serious water wastage.

Warisan coordinator team immediately went to the area to check.

According to the shop owner, they have complained to the Sabah Water Department several times but it did not solve the problem, resulting in water overflowing round the clock everyday for around 4 weeks and flooded the area.

Water Department repaired the broken water pipe but did not complete the job and caused damage to the road.

Warisan coordinator team reported to the water department and urged the relevant authorities to resolve the matter immediately.

Deputy Chairman of Warisan Kota Kinabalu Division, Nicholas Chak said
the water department did send a contractor team to repair the broken water pipe, but they did not complete the job and caused damage to the road there.

“After one month, there was still no actions taken even after continuous follow up by Warisan coordinators team,” he said in a statement released today.

YB Datuk Junz Wong (middle) Nicholas Chak (right) and shop owner (left) photo after the damage road surface get repaired.

In the end, Warisan Vice President and Tanjung Aru Assemblyman Datuk Junz Wong utilised the newly increased assemblyman salary of 30% to help repair the damaged roads.

Nicholas called on the state government to take serious action regarding issues faced by the people.

“The government must improve efficiency to solve day to day issues for the benefit of the people. Do not add more burden to the people,” he added.