Go Fill Your Tanks Now; 4 Sen More For Both Petrol, Diesel From Thursday

KOTA KINABALU: If you wait till after midnight to fill up you petrol tanks, then be prepared to fork out four sen more, whatever your choice of fuel that runs your vehicle.

It’s bad news for motorists all around because it’ll again be costlier to fill up from Thursday onwards, no matter what you pump into your vehicle.

All fuels will be four sen more expensive, with RON 95 being priced at RM2.24 per litre (up from RM2.20 last week) and RON 97 at RM2.54 per litre (up from RM2.50).

Meanwhile, Euro 2M diesel will now retail at RM2.17 per litre this week (up from RM2.13), and Euro 5 diesel – always higher by 10 sen over Euro 2M – is at RM2.27 per litre.

The new prices were announced on RTM1 on Wednesday (Nov 1) evening and takes effect from 12.01am until September 27, when the next round of fuel prices will be announced.

The weekly fuel pricing mechanism came into effect in April this year and the prices of petrol and diesel had been placed on a managed monthly float system since Dec 1 2014 following the removal of fuel subsidies.