Glimmer Of Hope For Mum Appealing For Blood


KOTA KINABALU: A media appeal for help is beginning to offer a glimmer of hope for a desperate mother who is looking for blood to keep three of her children alive and well.

Housewife Ruslinah Asoi has been receiving calls from an emphatic public willing to donate their pint of blood for her thalassaemia-stricken daughters who need blood transfusion two to three times a month.

“I have people calling from other parts of the state such as Sandakan and Beluran and even from Peninsular Malaysia telling me that they wish to help,” said the 40-year-old who is facing the crisis on her own.

Her three daughters, namely, Debbie Ashanty Lawrence, 16, Christyn Rachel, 15, and Priscilla Agrace, 20, were getting regular transfusions until recently.

Their troubles began following the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic which saw supplies running low in hospital blood banks.

In her desperation Ruslinah had even offered to buy blood from people for her daughters but has had little success.

But the tide may be turning for her now that their plight has been made known to a wider public through various platforms, including Facebook.

Ruslinah, who has six children in all, lost her fireman husband to a stroke in May.

The going has been tough for her, given that she has also had to make ends meet while still waiting for her late husband’s pension payment to come through.

Additionally, Ruslinah has also been told that the family would have to move out of her husband’s fireman quarters by July to make way for others.

But she remains hopeful particularly over the public’s response to her appeal for blood Type A and O for her daughters.

Callers have been telling her that they wish to donate blood but she said if they are not from around Kota Kinabalu, this could prove quite difficult.

“There are also some who have even donated money to me,” said Ruslinah, adding, “ I am so grateful.”

Having said that she is more concerned about her three children’s monthly blood transfusions and hoped the public can help by donating blood.

Those who wish to donate blood under her children’s name can do so at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital here for Priscilla and head to the Women and Children’s Hospital in Likas for Debbie and Christyn.

Ruslinah can also be reached at 0165871936 for more details.