GE14: Torn Between Two Giants, But Anything Is Better Than BN

FLASHBACK: Parti Warisan Sabah, making its debut in Sabah politics, impressed with its huge turnout of party supporters on Nomination Day.

COMMENT: The last stroke of the brush on the canvas will be done on May 9. The only certainty that will emerge from this canvas is, ‘will it either be BN or PH emerging as the victor.

What we, in Sabah, do not want to hear are the words “Vae victis!”, meaning “woe to the conquered!” made famous by Brennus, the Celt Leader when he defeated Rome in the battle of Alia and demanded the Romans to pay one thousand pounds weight of gold, using the Celt’s weighing scale skewered to read more than the standard amount, not unlike UMNO’s scale.

When the Romans protested, Brennus said those two words in 390BC according to Livy, the Roman historian. The gospel according to BN is, ‘give us another term and we will let you have MA63 and also give you the moon.

By the same token, PH’s gospel also says,’ vote for us and we will also honour MA63.

Najib made two visits to Sabah in his bid to ensure that his ‘fixed deposit’ is in safe hands, but will it be.

Between these two, BN is preaching outright lies, whereas PH is preaching half-truth. I find having to choose between ‘the devil and the deep blue sea’, to be pretty unpalatable, so how to mitigate such a problem?

In my humble opinion, so as not to be totally played out and out played by BN or PH, it is best that we adopt the strategy of, abundans cautela non nocet or abundant caution does no harm, to prevent absolutum dominatum or absolute domination by party Malaya and find ourselves at their mercy yet again for another term.

For this to work, we need think outside the box.

If BN is too strong, we will continue to see the same dirt, smell the same putrid air and in the process repeating the loss of billions in the next five years; if PH becomes too strong, there is a danger of Sabah and Sarawak inheriting another ‘BN’ in the form of PH, some years down the road.

For this reason, in the case of Sabah, in places where there are BN, PH/PWS, PCS, PAN, and GS candidates, I suggest vote for GS because Jeffrey G Kitingan has always been consistent on reclaiming MA63 100% and both Jeffrey and GS’s Chairman, Mohd Noor Mansoor got ‘ISAed’ for fighting for our rights.

In places where there are only BN, PH/PWS, I suggest vote for PWS (Parti Warisan Sabah) because at least Darell Leiking and Junz Wong have got good records of representing Sabahans.

In places where there are only BN and PH, vote for PH because PH promises to give us more than BN. For Sarawak, in places where there are BN, PH, STAR. Vote for STAR, Similarly if we have BN, PH, Parti Peace, vote for peace and likewise for PBDS. If there is only between BN and PH, vote for PH.

This is to allow us room to manoeuvre between two giants. In other words, follow the Chinese saying, ‘ leave oneself a back lane for escape or 后路. On polling day, after the votes got counted, will 2018 turn out to be a continuation of anno horribilis (horrible year) or ‘in cor meum gaudium omnium’ (joy in everyone’s heart) will depend on how we vote.

Good luck people.

• Thomas Leung is an avid reader of BorneoToday