GE14: Sabah PKR To Contest 9 State, 6 Parliament Seats; Amanah Eyes Five

Christina Liew informs the media that Sabah PKR will be contesting six Parliament and nine State seats in GE14.

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah PKR will contest six parliamentary seats – Ranau, Pensiangan, Tuaran, Tawau, Putatan and Beaufort in GE14.

They will also defend the State seats of Api Api and Inanam, and field candidates in seven more – Kuala Penyu, Matunggong, Moyog, Tamparuli, Kadamaian, Tempasuk and Karanaan.

Christina Liew, the Sabah PKR chief said Wednesday that this list could be considered final, “but there are one or two seats that are still being negotiated with Warisan.”

Sabah DAP had earlier confirmed that it has finalized seat negotiation with Parti Warisan Sabah, the anchor opposition in the State, with DAP taking three parliament and seven State seats.

Raymond Ahuar, right, a Sabah PKR youth leader is tipped to contest the Pensiangan Parliament seat.

Liew, who is also Pakatan Harapan chairperson in Sabah told a press conference here Wednesday, said the size of the current list should not be compared with the one in 2013, when Sabah PKR contested 19 parliamentary and 43 state seats.

“In the last general election, there was no Parti Warisan and so PKR had to target all the Umno seats,” said Liew, who is also the Api Api assemblyperson.


“Now we have Warisan and they can go after those seats,” she said, adding that half of the candidates fielded will be new faces and three are women.

Meanwhile, a third PH partner in Sabah, Parti Amanah has said that it is contesting two parliament and three state seats, despite not being officially included in the seat negotiations.

PH sources had indicated that Amanah was told they were not getting any seats and that they would have to negotiate with Parti Warisan.

Sabah Amanah chairman Hamzah Abdullah claimed he had made several attempts to contact the Warisan leadership for an official meeting, including sending an official letter on April 7, but did not receive a formal response.

Sabah Amanah is eyeing the Parliament seats of Kalabakan and Batu Sapi as well as the State seats of Merotai and Bugaya as agreed within Sabah Pakatan’s agreement.

“We will go ahead and contest these seats,” said Hamzah.

In addition, a Chinese candidate will be fielded under the Amanah ticket to contest the state seat of Tanjong Aru, where Warisan is expected to field a candidate.